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Spice Indian & Bangladeshi ~ Takeaway
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St Austell
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Spice Indian & Bangladeshi ~ Takeaway
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Vegetarian Dishes from Spice - St Austell

If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we'll do our best to advise you.


Vegetable KormaSuitable for Vegetarians
Vegetable MadrasSuitable for Vegetarians
Vegetable VindalooSuitable for Vegetarians
Vegetable CurrySuitable for Vegetarians
Vegetable PathiaSuitable for Vegetarians£7.95Qty:
Vegetable DansakSuitable for Vegetarians£7.95Qty:
Vegetable Rogan JoshSuitable for Vegetarians
Vegetable BhunaSuitable for Vegetarians
Vegetable DupiazaSuitable for Vegetarians£7.95Qty:
Vegetable JalfraziSuitable for Vegetarians£7.95Qty:
Vegetable PhallSuitable for Vegetarians£9.95Qty:
Tarka Dall (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£7.95Qty:

Papadoms and Chutneys

Plain PapadomSuitable for Vegetarians£0.70Qty:
Spicy PapadomSuitable for Vegetarians£0.70Qty:
Mango ChutneySuitable for Vegetarians£0.80Qty:
Mixed PickleSuitable for Vegetarians£0.80Qty:
Mint SauceSuitable for Vegetarians£0.80Qty:
Onion SaladSuitable for Vegetarians£0.80Qty:
RaithaSuitable for Vegetarians£1.95Qty:
Plain Yogurt


Onion Bhaji (Mint Sauce)Suitable for Vegetarians£4.50Qty:
Vegetable Samosa (Mint Sauce)Suitable for Vegetarians£4.50Qty:
Spice Vegetable Platter (Mint Sauce)Suitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
2 pieces of vegetable samosas and 2 pieces onion Bhaji s

Top Sellers

Sabji Tava (Vegetable)Suitable for Vegetarians£9.95Qty:

Tandoori Specialities

Off The Bone - Midly marinated dice chicken or lamb roasted on skewers in a clay oven

Sabji Paneer Shashlik (Salad & Mint Sauce)Suitable for Vegetarians£11.50Qty:
Indian Paneer, Green Pepper, Onion, served with dry mixed vegetables

Spice Specials

Prawn TavaSuitable for Vegetariansfrom £14.50Add to Cart
Vegetable NagaSuitable for Vegetariansfrom £9.95Add to Cart

Balti Dishes

Balti dishes are cooked in an iron Kashmiri pan (known as a Balti) with freshly blended spices, fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onion and flavoured with herbs. The strength of these can be prepared to suit your taste. Served with rice or naan bread.

Sabji Balti (Vegetable)Suitable for Vegetarians
from £10.95Add to Cart

Biriyani Dishes

Meat or vegetable baked with pilau rice, Served with vegetable curry sauce

Sabji Biriyani (Vegetable) (Salad)Suitable for Vegetarians
Tandoori King Prawn Biriyani (Salad)Suitable for Vegetarians£19.95Qty:
Rice cooked with griller king prawn
Tiger King Prawn Biryani (Salad)Suitable for Vegetarians£14.95Qty:
Tiger King Prawn Palok Biriany (salad)Suitable for Vegetarians£16.95Qty:
Prawn and Spinach

Vegetable Side Dishes

All side dishes are cooked in a mild to medium sauce

Cheese Bombay PotatoSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
Spicy potato with cheese
Sag AlooSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
Spinach & Potato
Sag PaneerSuitable for Vegetarians£5.95Qty:
Spinach & Cheese
Mushroom BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
Diced Mushrooms with onion and mushroom
Bindi BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
Tarka DallSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
Lentils and garlic garnish
Chana MasallaSuitable for VegetariansContains Nuts£4.95Qty:
Chick peas in a medium masala sauce
Sag BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:

Rice Dishes

Steamed Rice LARGESuitable for Vegetarians£4.95Qty:
Pilau RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Special Fried RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.90Qty:
Egg & Peas
Coconut RiceSuitable for VegetariansContains Nuts£3.90Qty:
Egg RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.90Qty:
Mushroom RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.90Qty:
Onion Fried RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.90Qty:
Vegetable RiceSuitable for Vegetarians£3.90Qty:

Indian Breads

Plain NaanSuitable for Vegetarians£2.95Qty:
Peshwari NaanSuitable for VegetariansContains Nuts£3.50Qty:
Sweetened with almond and sultanas
Garlic NaanSuitable for Vegetarians£3.20Qty:
Cheese NaanSuitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Sabji NaanSuitable for Vegetarians£4.50Qty:
ChapatiSuitable for Vegetarians£2.50Qty:
Thin bead
ParathaSuitable for Vegetarians£4.55Qty:
Fried flaked bread

English Dishes

ChipsSuitable for Vegetarians£4.90Qty:
Plain Omelette & ChipsSuitable for Vegetarians£7.60Qty:
Mushroom Omelette & ChipsSuitable for Vegetarians£8.90Qty:


(vegetarian ) Set Meal Option 1 - Veg Korma, Bombay Aloo, Pilau Rice & 2 Popadoms (THESE SET DISHES CAN NOT BE ALTERED FOR ANY OTHER DISH)Suitable for Vegetarians£14.95Qty:
Vegetable Korma, Bombay Aloo, Pilau Rice & 2 Popadoms
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